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Prehistorik 2 Reviews

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playthat the was as of early ninetieth years installed on crushing most personal computer, that is prehistorian 2 from year 1993. In spite of was playability often as far as primitive, dealt about highly addictive and first - rate playable plateauxthat the play every, from little son upstarts with activate 386 at home after as much as boss in in work herewith gun on the table.

Smyslem games is lapse all lion and gather up at full blast points. Begin by three lives whose number you can sometimes soever extend. In hand have you got only"cudgel" and on the brain of what taconite idea of victory. Against you costs much peculiar beasts and hindrances.

Ty you must on the way surmount, so that got on end of play. In genuine parts panel do you see three heart. It are three parts one's of your life. If you spectre coshing or up to you will jump, will take you some heart. If spectre be enough kill than will disappear, break down into six bone (6).When is collect, again heart extract.

if lose in struggle all the heart, die and play to lion again from last indicesthat the are touch. Rule with one take heart and break up enemies on six bone does not apply near special spectre . If play"Beginner", are de - poisoning about two interesting lion.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Titus Interactive


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