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Michael Jordan za letu je typická hra košíkové, ale se zkroucením. Perspektiva a kontrola jsou jedinečná v této hře. Jeho udělaný v 3 roz


Popeye 2 Reviews

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Were it not for matterthat the Pepku sailor is famous sign drawings and as though it be overwhelming C64 basis, I would not even would didn't consider reviewing it.

Don't give me bad, play be in fact quite good, but there be something about graphic art... In DOSBOX it will deal peculiar 320X400 resolution pixel which only does whole thing go mad. You catch sight of what I mean in bottoms screens. It is not something you would really would needed to play game, but it be a nuisance. A in WinXP it runs way too slow to played. Well, at least colours come in handy to and characters quite workmanlike.

Also sound is of poor quality. You will need it though, because when you hear his, that entailsthat the bomb is alight and you need to touchthat the that extinguish it.

A what's point games? Well you need to climb the lot. Time have one's limits and there are crimp on way. Barrels are fall from up, bombshells are accidentally start, steel banisters falls or fadeaway below your legs, headwaters jet and fires is burning. A let's remember good old slow. Did he not won't let you run through till then, than you bring him his tax beefburgers (you will need to rallied the on way). So have you get into fight. You will have to lift spinach first. Cannot find it? Be not doing worry, that parries about you, when did you time fight.

Basic touch is handsome thought and me be truly a loved C64 version from that. This version they are trying to be as good as C64 one, but it fizzle. I'm I have not had chance to prove it in real DOS environment, hopefully it runs better there. But it is yet playable and merry making. Everything in all play merits high marks for play and design, but disadvantage for technical level.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Alternative Software Ltd.


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