Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone
Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone - náhled

Zde je poslední část dvojitých Dragon sérií. To bylo udělané v roce 1992 Pannou Maria Interactive.

Grafika není marná, ale já nemo


Battle City Reviews

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this very much known action oldschoolovkathat the has on conscience society Nintendo Family Computer, become after 25 years his existence leagendou his genre and inspiration for play advance designer, who look after about many remake.

can play to either singleplayer, or about knowledge funnier multiplayer on one PC / brackets. Your imposition this time will safeguard eagle and destroy all the enemy vehicles, let us say battle tanks.

during demolition surrounding country and termination enemies after map discover various power- upy beautifying course games. ; tank holds but one shot, some way enemy are however somewhat rougher nut. Foreign fire into it is possible fortunately destroy personal so isn't burdensomeness too high.

graphics processing, as well as sound distribution them to a then time rather average, as graphic art is colourful and altogether sufficient.

sometimes is however situation somewhat confused and below dense growth lose life easily. Play keep up tempo, turmoil of battle and certain are near her used / use a lot of entertainment.

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Namco / Nintendo Family Computer


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