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Pocahontas Reviews

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They is legend Indic main daughter which be enamoured with European colonist in North America. I I trust you will everything recognize this legend how story Pocahontasa; if nothing else, that be done famous Disneyovým animated film (and his continuation), although they only freely be based on historical fact.

Play before you isn't based on Disneyově film, even if it get along in same year (I betted it roughly hurt play sales), but yet it is not historically exact terms. How name suggests, you control Native American girl by the name of Pocahontasa, and need to led she through her adventure. In addition, so have you get into control Johna Smitha and play to his side story also.

Play features very good soundtrack and whacking graphic art. You can control sign also with key or with mouse (that is not the best possible method if you ask me, but also is given work done). You can always print space to sprung animated cutscenes ( videos happen boring after you have seen is several times). More details about play alone it is possible find in POCA.TXT set included in file. To run game, start POCA.BAT set, no pocahont.exe; failing that you will not get no sound or animation.

Except only skipping and climb, Pocahontas can also be used some magic, that adds aspect riddle play. There are some crimp you only cannot surmount themselves, and you will need a hand world about you surmount is. John Smith, how adventurer, of course carries projectile weapon with himthat the you may use fire away.

Play has dummy - head modethat the you can come in picking practice on opening screens, so you can get satisfied with operating controls. In options menu, you can also choose level problems, but even toughest level always isn't all that provocative. So have you be given the options to reload spared play. Pressing free place during games set up load/buckler menu, that is of very useful feature.

It is a very definitely pleasant play, but it seems too easy. Personally, I I am doing ain't mattered would, if play isn't frustrating difficult - - it be easy to get into that and relish play - - but if you want, to actual heat price action- replete call appeal for, then think this play isn't to you.

To be completely honest, I think play was made with gently younger audience of in view, no claims huckster- and- lomítko field, how there's a any flyness at that also (only have a look in opening animation).

Well, if you really want relish somewhat simple, despite appealing action play with handsome graphic art and sound, Pocahontas is games to you!

If you experience some /every /no problem sound or animated continuities you should probably change mufflers. Be careful, I had a much problems before getting all of it work, so if aren't satisfied with editing DOS sets you can only leave things as they are and has all of it in standard component POCA (so DOSBOX reads component C:POCA). Play originally be released on CD ( icterus included speech (which be able to do this file too large).

Perhapsthat the would could want to speed up DOSBOX to 6000 cycles. I'm not sure about standard rate of swelling, but 3000 cycles it seemsthat the they will run game to slowly and anything above 6000 it seems somewhat fast ( sound will always be play at same rate of swelling, so cannot judge by it).

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: GT Interactive Software


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