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Player Manager 2 Reviews

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Player manager 2 be done in year 1995 society named Anco, society which made very good games like kick off 97 and many others. As you can see they be too skilled in making interesting sports plaies with very good play and good graphic art. This play edits highest standards those companies and to my mind this is one of the best 3 managerial plaies soever made. This play be done for Amigaa and PC and runs very well in Win95. But care: I'm played these games for perhaps 10 years and me always love to sham, that hold true pearl.

Play begins, when did you 28 years old, did you in your angular point, and even did you play to national team. You have to work how manager in 2. or 3. divisional club. Your skills and agethat the did you spent afield give whacking boon to your club at the Battle of publicity. You play to as the best player your team and you order best tactics from bench, but how do you grow old and championship get difficult, only way to come up in the world be by purchase best field in the world, employing brillianttacticians adělání money to do that. Like I'm he said, in the early couple of years you play to your team, and you have to choose your hráčův style by collecting one of the four styles accessible. Also you choose among ten positions afield.You can choose ' normal or ' play role.In ' normal ' pick position as though you think is best for your tactics. This option is of great importance how so directly works your achievements.

Any menu have setting play environment before, than you can suppose management. Opening menu gives you some like start option new play, get on with spared play where you can select file with on behalf of gamesthat the you do you want to he went on to say. There is also "DEMO GAME" (I advise st. to people, who play to this play for the first time use it) which is also mode education, so you can learn how play to. Period begin at week 16 and at the end period demonstrational play returns in main menu giving you chance to look into whole play.

Office has much branchs were to be you can do almost anything, like vision files which has every information on league, club story etc ... You have you got director of finance, press room, deck room, your office, instructing room, medical room and established room where you end whole preparation before day competition. Manager's office is most important seat on management games. Here you can rate group, look on particular peas attributes and skills, loan in and will lend out player, purchase and selling field, renew contract (or player quits free) and in reality control of the whole most important aspects clubmanagement.

Player manager 2 includes next important role, training. You not only hourly need improvement skills your players, you must also ensure that the young field are develop into good player. They need play gain experience, but no push is much. You need to kept very close eye on peas fatigue and attack injured players.

To player who want to only target the management, play offers foretell - follow the play without playing. To player who wish to play competition, there are two election available to play to. You have you got four insights into pitch and every have any benefits. In managerial office (your office) you stroll around and have you got various election accessible at the bottom screens. Selecting is withdraw from you to the next menu. Most important role where you control your group be in the secret on the wall where you may see most important role your team evaluation which is shown up. Evaluation shows your position based on skills and power your team. It has nothing to do with Dember effect your insider or your position on dividing. After that you can go to the tactician, tactics used you be shown up. You can change tactics clicks on is. Now do you know type player demand for choice tactics, choose genuine type player for position or you will find is playing very bad, so always check 3. column where you may see natural position player. A shirt with issue in games defines position player wearing it shirt.

To comprehend players arranges better, here’s lineation : (CBK) : Middle defence attorney (FBK) : Fullness supports - defence attorney which is a common quicker than average (DEF) : Normal defence attorney (PMK) : Playmaker - midfield it carry play and gives ball (MID) : Good crossing ability (MGN) : Heavy worker midfield (WNG) : A wing (CFW) : A fore playing in center position (TMN) : Good with receiving clubs (STK) : Ambusher - man to cage

you can play to player manager 2 with until 4 friends. There are four dividing in league: Head of Government, 1., 2. and 3.. Three clubs are seconded and three clubs go between. There are two native and three European Cups. Than in simulator peas, there are many factors which influence end - result and if you play to much you stop more experienced. Like I'm he said before, than, did you player but you have to retire ages 36. Yet, you will be allowed to determine assistant manager singly year, than only thing you have to think about be possessed. Once assistant manager was nominative, he may play pitch in your place.

You need mouse or joystick for operating menu, but you need joystick to play pitch. Play set up has many other election where you can create play environment and you can create another mixture numbers and qualities players on by other positions afield as are Bar, attackers, etc, for all leagueclubs. Because every player is mixture 15 physical attributes and their of our own ability, field in same set up be too another. Every built - up forms another play to field which gives you much problems and solving. After all this talkthat the you be ready to begin epoch and player managerial path.

You start in before - - období and you spend first week at the beach, making dictum on sponsorship, order friendly competition, offer contracts to coachs, physics and your scouts. Next five weeks, that you spend in your office. During this time you can buy and sell player (don't forget that the minimum size your insider is 16 men) and so have you need to handled fitness.

A now let's go talk of players. Their age can sway 16 and 35. A 16 year old player not as quite look out for test - match so you need use him in just a few matchs during of all period. When player is 36, he quit professional association football. Field are evaluation from 1 to 5 in dividing, that they play to, so if you will buy field second - hand dividing, rates will change, like 5 star player in 2. dividings can only get 2 star in the front dividing. Evaluation give you juxtaposition ability players in group. If hráčův contract shows 0 in contracts column, he quits club at the end current year if you don't offer him new contract and you can only offer one contract a week. If you choose sell player, he'll marked red phone. If yellow phone it seems, that entails that the player applies transfer. Green phone shows as though did you be propositioned therefor player, and if there is white phone, he is available to loan. Player data arrange much complex chicken about field. It's information desk as well as action menu.

Attributes players be usually for this kind plaies: - PACE: it is rate of swelling player. Rate of swelling decreases when player tireded. -ACCELERATION: Designates how quickly player get into his greatest velocity. - STAMINA: Directly affects rate of swelling and skills. A tired player cannot be particular in shooting. -RESILIENCE: A player with lower rubbery properties than normal is given injured more often. - AGILITY: Designates how quickly player can get ball under control. - VISION: Vision them of read games. Player with good vision no automatically will not submit ball to nearest field but search team player which can handle the ball to made best shot departure. -ADAPTABILITY: A player with high conformability will play to very well even when he isn't on his natural position. -AGGRESSION: A player with high by assault will go for ball. He will also be attach pollutes unless she's good tackling and check skills and good temperament. - FLAIR: A player with high talent is greedy. -TEMPERAMENT: A player with good temperament keep cool below much pressure and will not get provoked members below the gangway. - PASSING : Passing skills is probably most important ability player, especially midfield. -SHOOTING: Shows accuracy player shooting. -TACKLING: Ability get ball and without pollution player. - CONTROL: Ability to handle the ball.

Next much important role in those play is buyingselling part, because you can improve your team - or do some money. If you sell player, price which bidders be ready to paid is painted. You can change prices and bidders they may offer again quote higher price or go away, but normally you can sell your player for higher price. If there are more than one bidder, bidders they may compete against each other into but one bidder be abandoned. But if you want to buy player you can enter your quote and shop assistant will respond: blue cross will appear and invite you to raised quote, red cross finishes operation or block after price was agreed your deck. It is very important control your account very well and you control your balance week week. All standby cost be calculated after every competition. If you have you got in the middle of the week competition, gate and wages players be accounted immediately. Amounts are self - explanatory. If you don't hold near eye on your account, you can not to be allowed to hold club running and you will scrapped from employment.

After you adjusted all the parts related with operating, instructing part is probably most important role under development insider. You can make accessible it clicks on sofa. You catch sight of details of instructing personnel and their near datums. If assistant manager was nominative, he'll part instructing personnel to. Watchmen are coached expert in wrangler and similar for others. Panel are nominative in pre - Season menu. After that you can choose "TEAM PRACTICE" and "GROUP COACHING", there are many thing to seen, but most important is fitness where you can improve attack players and their ability. Injury field get fitness training until they it is not fit also. Next important role is fatigue because how period is played, field will tire especially if you don't give them rest. Be careful because young field will tire easily and become subject to injury. View of factor fatigue the rest good player in unimportant matchs so next field they may gain experience and stay on satisfied, failing that they will request transfer. Be very careful how often field are used. Nevyhořte young player with many plaies.

After you be read all of this I thinkthat the you can play to without any problems. How do you probably recorded by, what I have written to, I love this play and me I hopethat the are will like it also, so I give to these play 5 star.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Anco Software


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