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Platoon is one of those plaies, that I use to loved on good old commodore 64 that is why I be scared to give PC version walks (in those gout POČÍTAČOVÝCH HRÁCH have had worse strains and graphic art then C64). Well there were to be things I hate about those play, but nothing I could not get over.

First I need tell you as though unless you have joystick you will curse keyboard command. It took me really all evening I wish got satisfied with key (Z = movement left, X = move rightly, . = move up, / = get on and space = fire). Also I be surprised by lack of sound (C64 had relatively good soundtrack), that is of PC speaker of only. But sound does work and graphic art are OK. You will hear only jayhawkers jump trees and shooting (and your own rifles).

Now with all weak pages games out of the way I can start I am telling you why I love this play so much!

You find myself in enemy jungle. Friendly soldiers start from woodwork: they may leap down from tree angular point, they may be below door falling in zeminebo they may come in after you on way (also from back or from the front). You need to fired is or avoid them (yes you can swerve bullets). Also you need guard pits. All this risk of damage you in different ways. Your platoon is formed from 5 soldiers and each of them can get hit three times (fourth shot departure kills is). Getting shot departure or touch enemy military arithmetic how hit. Any time member your platoon be hit you get into pick next (you can choose play same on or choose next, who isn't bitwise yet). If you step on pit your man be killed immediately. There are some medical packs on the way which can erase ones hit (or support your morale if your soldier are not bitwise). Morale come into use later. If your platoon hasn't more morale your mission misfires (you be liable to drop morale in later parts games shooting villagers).

So in first ( jungle) part gamesthat the you need to find explosives, get into bridge and blow it up. Real challenge here’s to finded your circuit jungle (you will need quite some time to do that). Unfortunately as soon as you get out jungle there is no way inquiry play, so if you die you will need to replay whole continuity jungle again and again (fortunately it gets easier as soon as you get familiar with jungle).

Next you find myself in village ( don't fire away innocent villagers). Here you will need to look into cottages to could find map, lantern and trap door to system tunnel. There will still be some enemy soldiers here and pits, but there would be civilians present, so doesn't go start happy.

A as soon as you be in tunnels actual heat price merry making begins! This get to be one of the first plaies which included sort of 3D first person shooting continuity (it is not really 3D, but it looked damned good back in eightieth ages). You will will you run about tunnel (there's a map right - handed know where you go up) and you will run into enemy soldiers (cannot see is first). Enemy will either coming direction at you with rifle in hands - or word for word emerge from floors with knife in hand ready stab you! It look so cool - you have to see it. There are some rooms in tunnels you need to look into and as soon as you get out tunnel toughest part games begins.

If you keep in mind film (or still better book film be based on) then you doubtless will you remember night big fight when hero will frighten and disperse about shooting everything in his way. Well it is exactly that, what expects you. Many enemy and barren of vision - Good Luck on surviving as though one!

Together it be exceedingly provocative play with graphic art being angular point notch at the time, when it get along. Inadequacies games are mostly technical nature, but things, that made this play legend will reweigh bottom from far. Therefore I be liable to give this play 5 and high advise it you!

I need warn against you slow down your computer (in DOSBOX you should set it up about 500 cycles).

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Ocean Software Ltd.


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