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Belegost je česká textová adventura z dob kdy jste ještě možná ani nebyli na světě (1991).


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Margin planets is sci - fi play from creators might and Magic. It's somewhat similar Star verification II, but unfortunately not as good.

Story foreigner be detected flying close to Earth, so defense system is enabled. It fires on board a ship and nobody's it, but explosion makes foreign etherial effects, that rolls Zemi, inductive it disappear. Scientists on the moon base finds out as though Earth pass through wormhole and now is in unknown place. Wormhole be formed machine known how Centauri arrangement. Team cloned spacemans be rounded up fit and sink create supplementary device and return Zemi.Did you their leader.

Playthat the You begin at month base where you can build new craft, equipment and clone extinct members your crew. You can also eke out/load play in one from basic outhouse, but don't forget as though you can do it any time by pressing Ctrl+with/Ctrl+l. After it what all is ready, you can start. Intriguingly, your ship hasn't no inertia, so years be easy. Nevertheless, if already did you used to space simulator, this "mode" games can take a while to got used to. In space you can visit next star system, as well as communicate or assault next craft. To be tabled before another menu you need to clicked on members your crew.

When you achieve planetary circulating tracks, you can scan it and, depending on scannings, pick if you want to lead over some raw materials or ray down. You can look into surface planets, talk friendly inhabitants, full search and search pcs . Centauri arrangement. Your crew can use variety of sums, inclusive armour periods, arms and by many sums search. You can also assault next beings on planets. In that case play wish on turn based mode and you can move your sign or shot departure. Your crew has some predefined skills, like marksmanship and correction, but blackly they will not improve.

Controls This play be governed by with keyboard and mouse. Control of starship isn't best how ship turns much fast, and any interaction with planets or crafts is to make over menu crew. Practically, this meansthat the most often objectthat the did you interact with will go away before, than you can do anything. Control of your garrisoned to the eye be done nicely.

Graphic art This play has 256 colours and graphic art are handsome, coloured nor too pixelated. Nevertheless, that is missing better animation

sound all strains in those play be but various noises and peep, nothing extraordinary. Music is better, but really untidy general atmosphere.

I'm was found flaw in those play which taking you before landing on first planet in stellar sow'. When you use circulating course button to circle round that planet, nothing will stop. There's a solving therefor. Only printing O on your keyboard entrance/permission circulating course

I recommend use starvation wages CPU cycles with Dosbox.

Start play with PE.EXE.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: New World Computing, Inc.


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