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Protahovaná trilogie, udělaný nyní slavný Bungie, byly jedinečné série her pro vícenásobné důvody. Jeden z nejzřejmějších důvodů byly to,


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Log - book:On returning to boats out of the shop in port, I wasinformed as though has ship was attack, and has daughter Katherinina lame duck flyaway from Bloodthroat pirate. He demands ransom of50,000 shreds gold during thirty days or he will sell her intothe harems Coast. Now have to lift ransom, and try torescue mine beloved Katherinu."

so you must disengage cub girl from unyielding hold villainous pirate barbarian Coast!

Did you more or less peaceful man, that is reason, why do you be set to pay for your daughter publication. But in warrant ransom, that you need to make money. Fortunately you have you got treasure map and you be great at marketer, so getting gold should be achievable goals.

You start play in port Casablance. You can choose goal to went into - or you may see what this port have to offer you. Generally all ports be like each other. There's a marketer, naval emendatory dock and business there. Main discrepancy between ports are awards traffic, so your main the point is to buy cheap and sell sweetheart. You start off by 5000 quid and you need to added one more zero to to be seen to your daughter again.

Now navigation from port port (you catch sight of map with accessible localities) you can also encounter enemy crafts. If it is case you can either run away cleverer option) or fight. Sometimes fight is unavoidable.

Militant continuity do they really thatthat the light upon nerves. Back to C64 I I'm used to be very quick and I'm could load 4 or 5 canon before enemy by boat could go to the their pages and then I'd shoot them of sea. Here pickling be too slow (especially if you do that with keyboard). But as soon as you get at the bottom of that, you do admirable sea - calf. Fortunately you can also sport with key, mouse or joystick (I I prefer mouse).

The point is to found out money, find pirate and get back your daughter. With some luck you can do it in about half an hour. Ports have quite similar awards, so if you keep in mind few of them (what's good to bought etc .) you won't be in a tight spot making money (*clash with* I betted your history teacher will never she didn't say you about výnosné - wave cocoa karavanníchstezky betweenCasablanca and Algiers). Treasure island and piratic captain will always be placed on islands in the Atlantic ocean. So I'm not sure how often you will reproduction this play, since, what it have got enough starvation wages repetition.

So in short, that is CGA 4 lady of colour play, perhaps 20 years old with nothing more then sound peep. So non expect and visual or noise footprint pleasure out of this play. Play does run smooth enough to and I'd proposed it for remake (was to it in my can), as it has some potential, but that is about it. Cannot eke out, so if you are not cautious about awards perhapsthat the would could end loser money.

To some /by any /no further information reads land - gamete booklet and log - book (you will study / into - learn everything what needs know to played).

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Starsoft Development Laboratories


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