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Twelve odvážní hrdinové jsou uvěznění v kameni a pohřbený hluboký pod chrámem Nebeského světla, připravený být nazývaný dále kdy země Kal


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Fetishism pipes be too dinky and addictive play riddle. It's European publication LucasFilm- ovo original fancy. Aim games is to joined pipes with one another so water can flood through is.

Graphic art is a little simple and boring, but as a in most plaies riddle they are not most important thing. More importantly, play do they really addictive. You can agree and sit up back in start of, but at the level it come after your skills riddle will tested to limit.

It's perfect play to play at coffee break and spare time when you do not have luxury young complex adventure. Only start of at the level where you be finished (with pass - word system) and during seconds, all that arrangements is water that is of flood v.... Fetishism

pipes is play which is to make for fans riddle. They will know draft and will love pressure which walks herewith play when water is fluxion quicker and quicker.

To people, who got friends, there's a extra premium: you can play to this play in hotseat mode!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Assembly Line, The


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