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Ping & Kookys Cuckoo Zoo Reviews

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"welcome to ping and crazy Zoo cuckoo! We take pride to invite you into our space, where you can learn of animals from all over the world, living side by side in our five localities, that stand up especially readjust their needs. I'm your tourist guide clink and that is my friend crazy. We withdraw from you for ride on our train, travelling with you through zone. Vychutnávejte your stay and don't pass homesters famous show before you go away. Nice day in our park!"

it is how announcement for this play probably would destruction. Namely includes almost everything important about play. Clink & crazy Zoo cuckoo is play it be destined to little children from age 3 to 7. It be released EA*babies in the year 1993. How there be no real aim, you can play through another areas animal park, take a look at animals living there and learn of their names. In addition, there are also some small educational games leathery & searching, alphabet, and adding games, that are much easy and fit for preschool children.

There it's five another areas in play: Savannah, rain - forest, agricultural bases, PolarPark and cuckoo celebration. First four zone every contain row animals which be usually found in every appropriate environment. Player can click is and hear clink telling their names. In addition, each of them shows some amusing animation. Last but not least, celebration cuckoo areas lets you listen some melody, that are squeaked of several animals from of other region. Made so, so have you be allowed to play to your own songs clicks on is. At travelling through park, play switch to respectable 3D graphic art. Did you look out of windscreen and can see from trees and surrounding country, in which the areas currently did you. Any time you go into a place new parts park, clink moves in for a moment and explains what animals live there.Now everything, what you must make them press - ův ' stop button and open up.

Well, that is about everything for play, except in nice to graphic designer and good sound with many gossipthat the be also worth noting. If you evaluate this play, really you have to consider age children, for whose it is designed. To my mind, that suits those really cub group easily: it look nice, be too easy to handled, and there isn't too much content strains player. Therefore I evaluate this play 4, that is of perhaps a little sanguine but definitely demonstrable.

Clink & crazy Zoo cuckoo isn't nothing that hold did you paid for hours, but it is worth in afternoon along with your babies to let them look into park and perhaps get accustomed to PCs . a little, in playful way.

This play needs DOSBOX run in due form. I advise about 5000 cycles to have had everything (especially 3D train animation) painted swimmingly. VDMSOUND also work, but will exclude from mouse support for some reason.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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