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Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus Reviews

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This is one of true jewellers RPG plaies. If I had compile top ten list best wishes RPG plaies from before - 1990, Phantasie III definitely they will among peak 5 together innings&Magic II, pool radiation and next classic.

Phantasie III is continuation small lesser - known Phantasie I & II. Although graphic art and sound are better, that is not at all bigger or more complex than it prequels. Phantasie III be released for all basis era (C64, Amigaa, Ataria,Apple and PC). Blackly graphic art and sound PC version is not as good how on Amigaovi or Apple. But if you may see past which, you have you got whacking play that shall hold you entertained for days.


story begins in town Pendragon and do you know next to nothing conspiracy or world. This is one of whacking thing about those play - conspiracy unfurl how do you look into world. World is goodish with many cities and several special locations scattered across land. You can travel across land how do you do you want and visit locations in some /every /no order you do you love. There are many rolls in play that you can buy or find and give you information on what is happening in the world of Scandor.


play alone heads out in fantasy world Scandor. First thingthat the you have to do is to fecit side (max 6) signs. You can choose from whole standard races such as man, sprite, dwarf, half or sprite, but you can also pick "without". In this way you get accidental race such as troll, minotaur, gnoll, sprite or killer whale. Statistical returns are randomize so perhapsthat the would she could have want to re - - roll several times before you get what do you need.

How do you travel across land and look into dungeons, you it will often encountering monsters. Play then wish on "militant mode". You can choose welcome, threaten, cry for mercy or run off except evident combat election. Fight is to make classical veer based system. Here you catch sight of some nice to animation your signs and encounter monsters. Interesting feature is that every characters body is divided into another part (head, fragment, arms and legs). When body accepts damage, certain part it can get injured, broken or chopped except. But don't worry, strong healing dues causes missing parts to grow back.

When you win battle you get usual experience, gold and entries how reward. A fine feature games is that when you come in to the town, you can distribute experience among signs in side. When it comes to entries, system is pretty simple. Every sign has hand - to - hand weapon, obeisance, some kind armour periods and shield. Sign automatically uses best sumthat the he carries. There are also coils and dues which can be used any time except in battles. A sign can only carry maximum from 9 sums so from time to time entries they need be redistributed and small entries sold. When sign enough to gain experience you can train him/her/it. Be ready in order to do much inquiry- and- pickling at this point from gained bitwise points are randomize. When you train sign to new level you'll also capable heighten their skills. For example, aggressive ability is most important for fighters and allow them to assault more than once behind wheel (max 4 times).


Phantasie III be too handsome nonlinear RPG play with many specials. Story might be somewhat simple, but play covers therefor. Definitely recommended!

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.


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