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Alone in the Dark je hororová akční adventura. Je to první díl této série od ne tolik známé firmy Infrogrames.


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From time to time you run against play, so simple, so pure for analysisthat the only scream for attention. PC-MAN is one of these plaies, in spite of it is sorting how clone, PC-MAN does what almost no other play how done before, that is superior to his source material.

You can ask me why play that is of size is lower than this recenze - ovo, could have got perfect five. It's simple. PC-MAN does all games need to do, that is merry making, so dandy merry making as though it there is a draught you back always. Presumption games couldn't have been dumber, and everyone knows what is the. Did you round moulded monsterthat the has but one purpose life, consume small square dots while, what was to tracked echo who for some reason chose to frighten badly designed maze. You, how Pac - Mans (or PC-MAN in this case), travels about attempt at give wide berth spirits and consume as many bullets as possible, once you have collected all of them, winner is you. It sounds simple, but there's a distortion, spirits are all quicker than you, so what is he doing? You consume bigger taw which give to echo edible for a while, but even when you wolf down isthat the they'll soon return, and that is all at that.

Sound... Mmm... OK, so if be due orchestra to pile stately score for these play your trust will broken like so many cockroachs in of her mother's cuisine. Most you get is any appetising peep music to title cathode - raytube, and then some more peep noises how do you wolf down taw. But wait! There be more! When you eat echo or bigger taw, sound changes! It's virtuous! No only itthat the, but small melodious comical air plaies your deaths! How can you ask for more?

Now non give me started on graphic art. Should you did not expect play so old to have any visual appeal at all, so doesn't go search no. Intriguingly, myself I'm enjoyed graphic designer, only thereforethat the unlike most others CGA graphic plaies, my retinae no - has burnt, not even did my eyes insulation from their sockets, and if I can play to selective play without any ok- bolestí then, that jecertainlygood enough to for me.

So, now you probably wonder what you would be to do. If did you came this distant, then you surely care. Go play game! If did you look on thin screens and reading what I'm was had to say with doubts, give play chance, I assure as though you will find at least small satisfaction. Together, I not to be allowed to I'm hoped for better play than PC - MAN, no from original flat panel Pac - Man have they ever I'm was this dependent.

Year of publication: 1982

Made by: Orion Software, Inc.


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