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In old times, when almost any always used DOS, I'm depend upon to all competition plaies - just like this. Nevertheless, PC rally lapse into average caregory.

There are three modes games:

- trénink: where you can practise and get accustomed to operating controls;- běží course: you only pick course and run it (what astonishment);championship: this is for real, come along speak little more about it.

First thing, that have done in masterlike mode is to pick difficulty setting: Easy, medium or hard. So have you you will have to pick a course where race will occur. All tracks require that you completed 10 steps to could act to the next one. After you did you make your choice, you will have to lift either featured out: Toyota Celica or Lancia Deltas. You can also "update" it if you did you get enough money.

Graphic art spotting peculiar to time, concerning 1995 play they could be much better. Strains be more noisy than pleasant, especially in play menu; nevertheless you can thrust forth is. Concerning operating controls, you can choose keys you want to use, that come in handy to feature. Now for bad thing: play play be fairly bad because vehicle handling is unsatisfactory - or to be completely honest, his check damned thing is stressful say the least. Next slip - up is land - existence map show your position on course, so, unless you know tracks very well, you cannot will never not to say when you be set to strike end.

If you like rally games, then probably you will relish this. I evaluate it with 3 from 5.

Play runs swimmingly in Windows XP; nevertheless if you want to hear sound, you better use DOSBOX or VDMSOUND

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Digital Dreams Multimedia


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