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You are not awakening in the middle of nowhere in the country Kernovia, with foreign cuff (cannot remove) on your hands. You be but A infantryman here and wish to had independent life. To be able to go away, you need to finished one of better text based adventure I have ever played.

There be fairly some things, that impressed me when I first played this play. Play (although text based) has some handsome watching graphic art, although resolution be fairly foreign 640x350). I'm also be surprised to seen that the picture covers text, so you need to scroll up it, read everything. You can even get some advice on play (which I'm was found really sequenced thought). But there are two things impressed me most.

First is technical nature. Parser cognize complex statement and me does not mean only set orders would you mind give at the same time (like:get key and unlock door with key and open up and falling key ' ), no you can say quasi:reduce to everything but this and that ' , so doesn't need to reduce to by any single sum inventories under separate cover (you do you do didn't even know what do you have in inventory). It be too telling.

Second was image adventurer, travels provincial Kernovia at the same time did you. This meansthat the you have you any competition and if the next boy is given somewhere before you, he may withdraw from entries you would needed to rallied there. Fortunately there's a way to get rid of it boy, but this be the only text based computer game where I seen this feature.

Except telling parser, and several novel idea supported graphic art, play also has good line conspiracy, where you encountering some interesting characters on way. No wonder this play become instantaneous hit when it first get along. It be but question of time, before, till they made continuation hereto (and they off course did).

So if you be high travel to virtuous distant provincial and become part interactive story fiction, I high I prefer infantryman you.It's absolute ' must have ' for all text based adventurous fans outside.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Rainbird Software


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