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SuperSki III, poslední z jeho sérií, je hra o... čekejte na to... lyžování! A vy, jak hráč, začít být a... lyžování! Kdo would've myslel,


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It is parachutist; one of whacking CGA- CLASSICS it is time. I thinkthat the much players started play to this play long ago on some computer now long forgotten. It's chance to relive foretime.

There is not very another to tell about play really, on top as though even now it is yet quantity merry entertainment. You control big weapon on Wednesday screens and you must shoot down enemy helicopter, aviation, bombshells and parachutist. You need to be especially cautious about parachutist and bombshells. Once 4 sky army alight on some /by any /no one side your arms, they'll able shin up on hereto and destroy it. Fortunately you can kill parachutist that are already underfoot shooting next výsadkářovou chute when he is up to him. Sadist, but efficient. Bombshells be all the more dangerous than sky army. Will annihilate you in one hit and every fighter pilot has vital aim...

You will defend your weapon against wave after wave snappers and aviations. Every wave parachutist fall snappers is followed by by a wave bombshells fall aviations. Every time did you survived both undulation action is given more intense.

In itself you will not really won't you champion survival; you will fight to attained highest possible score. Every gunship and aircraft will earn you ten articles; every parachutist (even when it is already underfoot) will earn you five. A bomb will earn you twenty articles. Getting high score is not just about performance skies with bullets, though, how every shot departure shot you will state one point.

Operating controls be like each other simple. You start shift gun left the or right tapping driving keys. Key "caret " will fire away bullet and stop weapon. Onwards weapons movement can be frustrating first, but as soon as you get at the bottom of that it is much merry entertainment.

CGA graphic art isn't nothing impressive, but pleasing. A plus how play she'll get high - pitched very quickly. A to those, who have beloved memory of those games, there's a soundtrack consisting different through the combination per cent- speaker meeps all of us love (it can only is me, but do they really are not as though poisonous in those play). Ride on people, start shooting and have a good time!

Year of publication: 1982

Made by: Orion Software, Inc.


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