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Pacmania Reviews

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Got oldskool IBM PC or compatible? Want to some merry entertainment? Eeeeexcellent. Remember Pacman? Well, today, we bring you Pacmania, next one of those we - would - never - dream-of-cloning-that-other-popular-game-games.

In reality, Pacmania walks enough to near, unless nearest, original. You may see it how port to IBM PC architecture. Do you knowthat the, CGA graphic art, PC discussing strains, all that material which does some /every /no play sound and look poisonous. A silent, you will want to sham again and again.

Graphic art and sound Pacmania are, how mentioned, things, that they could do Pacmania poisonous. They are not not even good or anything, they be but appetising. A that is all would you mind expect from games from that time.

Play Pacmania really catchs the rest that. Pacman is, was, and will always be by one of most- těšil from, most- remembered, and most well - built plaies of all time. It be but merry making. Operating controls couldn't be easy, the point is as simple as it could be, and that is only merry making. Need I say more?

4 from 5 points. Because of to those tarnation poisonous tinkles play play to when you die and the like. You know what probably I mean, at all events.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Sophisticated Software Systems


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