Cisco Heat - All American Police Car Race
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Cisco teplo je moc, moc cizí hra. Jeho titul a první obrazovka udělá vy si myslíte, že to bude další horký, nelegální závod s časem, nepř


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Asteroids was simple game with by simply draft: fly around universe shooting asteroids without happen hit. His success led to creation of the number of asteroid clones over the years; some clones incorporated new line, while next games have had very little of differences. Outer Ridge took draft Asteroids and put that new will plait: instead of operating your boats above, you now control it from piloted seating.

Outer Ridge lets you fly your ship through asteroid field in space. Your mission is to fire away stand-by cost quantity asteroids in every level while no taking too by many hit. Frequence asteroids happen higher and higher with by any crossing level, so play becomes much more high - powered.

In contradistinction to Asteroids and his clones, you always have you got shield which absorbs your hit, though it can only withdraw from so much violation. Asteroids as though you destroy you can contain powerup to repaired or improve your power shield. In later missions, you can find weapons powerup which do destroying asteroids a little easier, though this arms dull using. Your score isn't intended number asteroids, that you destroy, but rather a how much particular hit, that you score a goal; so player can use bombing runs to the eye asteroids to improved his score.

Aren't completely out of the wood when you destroy quantification asteroids in level; you must find check out portal, that is of hidden in asteroid. If you will find and lose track check out portal, you can destroy next asteroid to progressed to the next level. Unhappy to you, action will don't stop among levels; once your ship be entering hyperspace, rate of swelling and frequence asteroids increases temporarily, and you must fire away and swerve your way to the next level.

When your ship takes too damage, you lose control over your arms, flying control, and stroke, how does your ship be entering vital helixes. How this becomes, you think, if you catch sight of your ship explode in poloviněprostoru or become new stain on crossing asteroid, but none of this becomes. Insted, you only turn round almost infinitely, probably into asteroid come to kill you. If you refuse wait at it (are they could be expecting sometime), you can continue by by pressing free place. You have you got three chance to continue by, but you lose some /every /no special arms, that did you find, and you have to destroy more asteroids to are over level. This may be disillusion because even when you be in hyperspace, you always have to go back to level you be but finished and destroy more asteroids (you don't start next level till then, than you get out hyperspace,so did you technically yet in same levelwhile in hyperspace).

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: GraphicWares


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