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Millennium 2200 je otočení založená po-apokalyptické hře sadě v sluneční soustavě. Lidi Země byla vyčerpaní v srážce meteoru, a jen hrst


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Thinks paper. Think shapes. Think Origami. That is all nice to blowing, but how do you play to origami by computer? Well, in reality you can't, but you can go into a place maze Origamo! Reason about about how cross between Tetris and jig - saw riddle.

You go into a place maze distant exit, where you need to walk through different stages to could end play. Every room (some rooms consist of more single stage) has guard and get alleyway, you need to solve origami riddle.

Riddle alone is keynote games!

You get form with squares by other kinds. Down is haulthat the will give birth to shreds you needs seat on riddle. You lift is and need to bottle whole form to she could have run through. If haul is replete up, you drop level.

Cannot throw away shreds, sothat the could would constitute problem, especially if at the end you look - out very same one special piece as though you be missing. You can nevertheless reduce to is in statement. They'll always come out for haul, but this way you can re - arrange is, do some next room there.

Nevertheless, if you fill up square same marks, you end side form and any shreds on traffic kepp out at grass will disappear. This can buckler you - or start making you course, if there is piece did you save for special position. Play therefore does include quite some thinking and ability.

Preferred input device is mouse. You lift and reduce to shreds with left button, and you turn be abreast of genuine button.

A grande drawback isthat the you don't get to see which piece will get along next (if you don't to displace it back to traffic kepp out at grass).

You revolver three shapes on every rung. As soon as you end first you can continue by through maze, but be recommendedthat the you will need some objects (you run through solving riddles) advance to certain room.

Play also can not be spared.

These negative articles and realitythat the sound be too basic, incurred whacking play to drop quite a lot of points, so only it gets three instead of high four (perhaps even five).

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Destiny Software Productions, Inc.


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