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Zlatý kalich je vítězná hra soutěže Becherovka Game 2001 což svědčí o výborné kvalitě této freewarové vtipné adventury, u které se pobaví c


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Colin have time his life: playing pushover and eating quavers. But something foreign happened to. He was sucked into by its own PCs .. Yet that does not annoy him much, until there be more quavers.

This whacking logical- platform play is continuation famous pushover. Draft was changed: you play to Colin who's scampers on different basis. Rather: Colin begins in quavers package basis and have to come in to the next quavers package basis. Basis are tension from a variety blocks. After jump from basis, that is pulled inside block. Colin have to achieve last basis (expansion from quavers block) then, what he "checked" all other basis.

How you can guess, this will not quite so easy, but surely will give to much merry entertainment. After every 10 levels you get into next zone quavers. At the beginning levels of be easy to and get you into games. Various blocks will appear act failing that. Simple instance: you must jump in numeric order onto the platform with numbers. After finishing some level you can obtain token. If you drop life, token allow you to proceed from last basis did you stand on (that is not necessary good idea). Failing that, you will need to restart level.

You boundless lives so you don't need to worry about by. Instead of buckler option, every level has code. Levels of slowly happen more complex and correct way be as busy as a bee find. Of course, you do not have all the time in the world, but only time programmer left you for current level. As you can see, all those " platform games most wanted" things be here, to made this interesting, provocative and irritating. "only" unseen thing is play draft alone.

Use keys Q, A, O, P and SPACE to played. You can join you buttons to leapt left or transport and exert long jump. Colin can fall but only on basis that is of level down or two levels of down one he stand on.

Graphic art may seem a little hollow, but very good will consider age games. This original concept was refreshment after gigantic quantities uninspired logical plaies. Every lover of that kind plaies will pleased at: it is MUST for them. All others field surely will refrain slip - up herewith. Keep mouthful great time with Colin, basis and quavers.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Red Rat Software Ltd


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