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"tajemství Pyramids", titulu odvážně prohlašuje, doufání aby dráždilo váš zájem. Jaké tajemství mohlo by oni mají že my ne již nevíme? Ne


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Wise woman partners! GameBringer here and me teem with fever to provide you with this refined play riddle from one of my of all time favourite play studies: Sierra. I'm was had to look into mine extra secret cellar and kick really deep to pump out this review to you. A don't worry; I always Shall I drum full oil pun left for the remainder review, come along start...

Oil well, is, how mentioned, play riddle, and pretty simple one in draft. It remind me games like fetishism pipes because... wellthat the play riddle dreams at that so does diesel well. Aim in diesel soakaway is to bored for oil... wait, no! It's dig into for little white dots. Let's go pretend small whites dots - in reality more like rectangles, but as though too much writing - is diesel.

Using your revocable coronary band of the digits boring you must dig up of the whole oil (whites dots, wink, wink) frankly, at escape the slippery subsoil pests, bombs and anvils (I thinkthat the). Evidently holing for oil can be dangerous and risky prospect for play player. Pests - ant, termites, and next unknown insect - crawl through tunnel and if they touch some /every /no parts your extensive pipes, you lose one's life. If, on the other side, you dig into over them they happen only more fossil fuels and tack to your score. Bomb and anvil work in exact terms opposite way. No damage be caused by on your pipe if bomb or anvil intersects with your pipe, but you lose one's life if drill bit hides whither is.

It can be easier and rougher than those sounds. Play has three levels of problems to hold play gassed: Regular (ask you parents), unleaded, and premium. There is also at least one blinking cartonthat the when drilled, makes all creatures to slackened temporarily, permission you purposes hereto, achieve last straw oil in furthermost achieve.

Mouse is easy - to - use, although keyboard and joystick be backed, so oils your fingers for some clicking merry entertainment. Left clicking on placing, that you do you want to bored and pipe takes shortest road to point. Right - click (and possession) draw back coronary band of the digits boring to could give wide berth pests or wheel your holing.

F2 joints music, F6 joints dinky animation among levels, F9 is restarting level, and F10 is outlet to DOS. Talking music, this play has typical Sierra type tune, that is of handsome enough to, to blew up only in title cathode - raytube and among levels. During play games there be but low so you you can concentrate on black gold! DOSBOX unacted music, while VDMSOUND did, so withdraw from your selection.

Holing for Texan tea can be merry making for a while, but in the end you will out at elbows playing diesel wells and I'll need to look into next demesne. It's merry making little plaies for 1 or 2 player which be guaranteed fire goods to have down. "oil well which ends well done"

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Banana Development, Inc.


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