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Ocean Trader Reviews

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Ocean marketer is economic simulation game from producers pizza magnate and renews all diversification and quittances modern world trucking business.

You find myself in role global trucking company manager and you have you got extensive title: lift and add commodities or execute haulage pay beneficiary of dealings for others companies. You can also buy new craft, insure is, get loan, design new craft and trade in goods on world's gauge. On world map you can find about 100 ports with more than 30 another goods.

Cities have job - work some goods which will be, of course, be cheaper there then in town without production capability. Demand on production goods will higher there, that is why you will be able sell is for higher price in those ports. Awards will change if you always do business single good or from cities. You can also risk exhaustion quantity if you make it, so key to flourishing trade will stable economy study market awards for goods across globe.

Quantity you can transport all of a sudden depending on naval sizes and type;there are ' coastal Freighters', Freighters', big Freighters', craft refrigerator', hod by boat', Bulkers', Tankers', Supertankers', and ' packet - boat'. No all kinds of by boat they may transport all commodities. Conveyers offer most flexibility, but cannot transport goods such as f.e. fruits and groceries; it lie refrigerator craft come into use. Hod boats cannot transport Rudy and iron, while tanker they may only transport oil. S such variant of, that won't simple to optimise your trade routes and do your flotilla function effectively always.

Ocean graphic art marketer is consisting gorgeous SVGA pictures that are static, but much graceful to the eye. Plane glass surface is simple, functional and easy - to - use. There are a lot of event which can occur during transport, and these cover up, but are not confinement to storm, UN embargo, worthy of note longshoremen, wars and decreasing craft. Therefore, this play can be seen how successor ports, where is building ship, and antagonist ports, where is building boats XXL project.

LOCKWORK: If you like ports, where build ship you will adore Ocean marketer that is of shipping company freight malingering on his best. It be overwhelming play, have unfortunately any limitation in second state when you have plenty by boat and small price discrepancy between ports.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Software 2000


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