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In the end! A play where you get into play to how centaur! Oh no, do that really have to be as bad?

It was has response after it, what seen play. All was there: good graphic art, interesting environment, mythical creatures and principal characteristic is fair, long- haired, winged centaur with obeisance and arrows. Absolutely perfect...

No! What can perhaps keep wrong time? Well, play be too hard; too hard for almost any enjoyment. Before calling me boy moms, let me explain why it's like this hard. Among others circumstantial things, there's a most important reason: horrible, terrible collision detection. I in reality I'm stop in only two auxiliary names because I don't want reparate myself, but I like get on with put twine. It is unclear really what was to they thinking in Comix. They had to prove play before slackening of what directly? It seems as though they wanted easy solution, so they only used some gigantic square or rectangles which covered whole region where things they may bouncing the boat. This get along much coarse, to the point inductive enormous disillusion. Instead of calculating rainfall rather, depending on real image creatures or object, this really looks amateurish.

If you want, to simple teach - in, start play and only hold UP, making Kentaura always jump. You will notice as though it will never really butt country again. Yes, that is that a bad. Also, in spite of position Kentaura, you will have to disregard what do you in reality do you see and learn, how play will control things. For example: did you jump, centaur lifts his forelegs and begins uprise; suddenly, that be killed worm even clear it. How could worm touch Kentaura when that were already in mid air? Well, that be but first thing you encountering and you will need quite some practice to study / knew how safe be promoted over worm. Do you knowthat the, that was always so stressful for Kentauries to be promoted over worms. Gnathostoma be truly a stiff cake for Kentauries. As you can see, there are yet gnathostoma in this world, but no Kentaurové, so they have to be destroyed worms. Yes, that is that a terrible.Except our hero Kentaura and some monsters, much danger like herbage or fire is also ' bigger ' till they seem. No soever don't implore go too near somebody's alive and small, giving your bows above that, thinking as though you survive because you don't clash with it. Next thing they will fire which will get along from statuary. It coming - out how thin flow and then extend as soon as it fall to the ground. No only itthat the, but fire which be spread underfoot outmatch that looks. It is also as large as soon as it it seems from statuary. So it can kill you without even be near. A as soon as you start adapt to all/near this, there are a few thing (too little) that are better operated play, and you in reality they need be very close to could successfully hand over danger.

All of this making you to kept on checking (and dying) till then, than you get familiar with play gadgetry. Also, usually this means being extremely accurate in most of the things.I would say ' pixel accurate, but since, what your minimum movement isn't pixel but more (which bring us back to unciviliti games), I have to say ' exact terms as possible. Too much danger requires action to be as exactly, how possible. This becomes unbelievably irritating at once. Even after teaching play clashing operator, you always make mistakes oftenthat the results in instantaneous casualties. Dithering distance between checkpoint, this also results in a have to play to long part all over againthat the again be full of danger which demand accuracy and fast response, that now they will irritate you even more etc .. A when you lose all your life, you kick one's heels therefor demon in title cathode - raytube to go to far right and listen some title music before recommence. Added to to all/near this that there are seats - like fall down pits where you use your wings - as though cannot really bend out flames if you are not happy enough to, to guessed right moment to fell, and you appreciatethat the this play will testovatyournerves horrible.

You withdraw from role Ahyzar, loyal servant godly Krosar, who misconduct oneself one day. Ahyzar opened his messieurs chest to seen what be in and spilt content over Olympusa. Captain of his will forgive him if he may recover seven gold coin. Because Olympus is dangerous place to walk around, captain of his give him power horses and intelligence man (I I hope, of his being know what he did). Ahyzar became a Mythos (Mithos in Spanish), strong monster which be in fact winged centaur. Gun - toting with obeisance and arrows, Ahyzar look out for his imposition.

Again, most danger in play requires accurate movement and skipping. Although it is taking but one arrow to dealt with most of monsters, you can shoot arrow much fast, that walks much fit for strong opponent. Wings are used only in specific seats, no through whole play. Every collected goldfinch gives you extra life. At built around moving basis, in reality you have to go how so moves from it will not exactly no carry you. Only next thing worth mentioning is that athat the centaur stern onto his back legs after fall to lower basis. You will quickly inform this. It can give you some problems on several seats if you you will forget upon this.

It's actual heat price shame on which rainfall are so bad. This play she might be merry making for some moments. This flare clashing detector is certain a little subjective of mine parties, since, what I have always wanted play to how centaur shooting arrows embattled- basis this way. This come in how real disillusion. Even if you try well and succeed in beat play, you will most probably will never unacted it again. If there is at least slightly more shooting instead of skipping, play she could be better. There are a lot of shooting later, but it is not much pleasant. It is also stressful. Guys from Comix surely would make better work, how they managed to before and after this play. Play only if you have to see play this way, but no expectthat the in reality amuse with with it.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Comix


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