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Mushroom Mania Reviews

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Long ago, Atari made extra - über - legend arcade called centipede that every player should play to at least once in life. To us all who be too young to know original play and for all, who want to relive good old days, Arcadia was handsome enough to, to possessed clone with better graphic art and improved play.

In Mushroom fetishism you play to (well what is that?) small triangle provide with slip - up blasting laser. Herewith lethal weapons you lurk in wood and wait for centipede to pounded him. Unfortunately woods be inhabited by quantity cyan mushrooms which block your departure plane while bad Pacperson and friend of his spider hasn't nothing better on the work of than attempt at kill you and buckler centipede. After you be killed him, his brother - Ova centipede coming - out and again implore eat you. If he malfunctions, his father walks and then his grandfather etc . etc . ... Higher your score faster play so take care ...

This little games is classical timekiller and necessity for highscore hunter. Tamper with cursor keies and press space hindrance hereto, start and stop autofire. Sound answer the purpose and is everything you can expect from 1987 games.Graphic art are nice to CGA blocks (cannot call is coloured pixel or even fairies). Try to it! It's merry making!

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Britannia


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