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Story 3 from 5 did you average baby. You do your housework, amusing PC games, slip... repair -germy museum virus....

Yes. It's true. Local museum not long ago be fitted with all new vital exhibits. You have to go through each of them with your robotic fella, MICK, help all cyreps (robotic replicas historical persons) keep in mind what they're important to. Bearded, huh? At all events, help Thomasovi Jefferson sign Louisianan purchase, assist in outhouse radio and help clean maiden name in Salemovi Witch Trials.

Riddle 4 from 5 play full information desk and riddles. Most of these is pretty simple, part of these are in reality quite tricky, but others are only poisonous. All riddle are merry making, though. Hardest riddle in peas for me, was sliderpuzzle in Hall ecology. Easiest riddle, surprisingly, is last, where you destroy virus. If you like riddle then this game'll go down you.

Graphic art and sound 4 from 5 graphic art are not half bad, I would say. 256 colours and standard resolution. Admittadly, though, some of the graphic designer are something bad. Play has it's own "soundtrack" depending on type levels of. Main vestibule has very "educational but jazzy" kind sound. Kind like in Saturday night live where teachers sing rock songs in educational way. Best music in play must be, to my mind, western - style piano in the early branch.

Playability 5 from 5 play be too playable. You can finish exhibits in no order, without time purview, and you don't need to taken entries from of other room to completed exhibit. You have you got everything, what do you need with you. It's eye - appeal "teaching".

Globally, play is given 4 from 5. It's merry making, repetition and who knows? Perhapsthat the would could but learn something.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Novotrade


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