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Keep in mind how in 60s there were to be all kinds of bad haircurling films where they'd bride monsters and half divorce almost widowed husband... Well, that is recipe they want to use with Pac - Mans also. One of the first clones play lady. Pac - mannas.

Play be too familiar, but there's a story at that. Both Pacs are in play and they must encounter and have Love Story in the end. Way to do, to it worked is to completed levels of. You get into trace some animated continuity among it tell you how shallow story unreels.

In contradistinction to Pac - Mans maze through which you have to navigate change, but that is about it. It's same play, only with a number of ingredients.

So if you ever interest how so much Pac - Games came to be, reply to is simple. Pac - Mans and his lady Pac really get busy after this play and made them all :)

play is yet precisely addictive how original, but because thought isn't original and are not really any improvement play will not deserve more then average score.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Midway Games


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