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Montezumas Revenge Reviews

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You how Panama Joe, self - pronounced bold fellow, seen better time. You lump it upon yourself go into a place chambers Montezumaa look for treasure, and he searches vengeance before you even get anything! Will you in the end make it into legendary Treasure chambers? Time will tell, and your ability offsets Montezumovým villains.


Montezumova vengeance can be played using keyboard - or joystick. A pivotal configuration option is available. What and really I'm enjoyed about that were jump left the, leap right, and will jump out ability. S careful accuracy you will grateful know exactly how far you can jump without having to get flying start.

Almost like play riddle, you have to look on level and solve what's to be done. Ropes, fall floors, fire hollows, haul and even lasers they will implore stop you from getting where you eye go, so take in look here !

What will set this play except of other classical basis is as though there are tools which can be used through play (Panama Joea can only carry 5 all of a sudden I'm sorry). Torches will make light cathode - raytube, key door, amulets to make you invincible, and even sword to stabbed at thing lay expectative to someone, who takes is. His good thing Montezuma cleans after himself.

Graphic art

graphic art have one's limits in colours, but his not so bad. At least they've correct colours to adjusted subject for the most part. I'd awaitedthat the see much red and oranges at food with Montezumovou cot.

I'm was disappoint with animation games (much dull) small thing like animated fire should have done play slightly more electron promotion. Nevertheless, rolling crania made up therefor.

Musical and sound effects

there be no music (it is probably good thing), and sound consists of dull peep and idiocy at lug sums namely kind things.


beside objects like chains and decreasing floors, only characters which mess with did you spiders, crania (sway that is of), and snakes .. everything I hopethat the are step on is.


globally this play be fine merry making to played. If you can handle by lack of good graphic designer (spiderwebs end watching like accidental merde in this PC port).

You will need DOSBOX play to this play, any question. Use keyboard, and wake certainthat the set your own pivotal configuration. Unfortunately it is not- savable, but only it will take minute to adjusted. Make surethat the keep in mindthat the F5 takes you back to menu.

DosBox - runs Montyův.exe in 300 - 400 CyclesWindows XP - it will crash, bigtime.

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: BCI Software


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