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Jak titul stojí, vy jste část policejního sboru stanoveného aby bojoval s kartel jednáním v omamných prostředcích (drogách). Zřejmě takov


Mixed-Up Mother Goose Reviews

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Mixed Mother goose

Humpty Dumpty sat up the wall,Humpty Dumpty had whacking fall,he requested of his pipe,he requested of his dish,A nice - looking servant everything in a row.

Mother goose mixed her rhyme, and she challengesthat the you help her fix it. It is time look into world child's nursery rhyme. Gun - toting with your pyjamas and small little arm, you start for on your mission. Finding entries which inhabitants Mother world geese lost - or bringing is to their homes, gradual repairs all eighteen rhyme.

This play be calculated for children, that we love and the, who still have child v. Operating controls be easy to and transcendental. Everything you is used cursor keys. Collection somebody's as easy, how go to the of what and how you can only carry one thing all of a sudden, you do not have to worry about cycling through inventory. To add something, that be enough, to went near men. Equal to talk to them. Any time person calls for something, their words are in a very plain text as well as demonstrated in picture. This does play appropriate for to all ages.

The, who relish fire at big, slimy foreigner with gigantic, futuristic arms would have had probably remain away. But little children and big children surely they will relish sweet simplicity games how horrible how mixed Mother goose.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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