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Year 2134, in the middle of wars among Spojenými peoples and club. USS Lexington is heads for unknown aim, classical narrowly secret mission. But something keep wrong time: ship is captured enemy motor by boat which succeed in win battle and set aside Lexingtona. Loser captain Dayna is taking drastic Decision: give up of the whole crew to enemy, but along with nuclear arrangement. Plan is to dumped enemy ship at the expense of lifes crew Lexingtona . He leaves but one person behind with task mending boats and finishing work, alone. So it begins.

Missionary Critical look like cross between Myst and classical graphic adventure: we will face of the whole play in first person, advances in suppressor, but at the same time we've got our reliable inventory to solve many other object- based riddles. Needless to say, as usual for play fable, you can die. I can tell immediately that the graphic art offers more'n satisfactory experience. Plus appearance boats be as germ - free, almost hospital- similar that the player will feel even more absolute loneliness, sensation softened only in parts dialogue with gossipy computer deck. Also there'll numerous cutscenes, in computer graphic art and quick action.

Riddle trace indifferent connection and will for a period of play absolutely logical. On the other side here it is enhanced first poverty of in work fable: first half of games be too classical; correction boats hung up in the middle of nowhere isn't most exciting experience which can become you, may I you assurethat the. Developers have at all events attempt enrich experience playing incitory player to look into Lexingtona across his 9 (!) floors.

We reveal small knits during ours work how galaxial working man, such as mini - - games which we must solve, for example, repair refrigeration facility boats - or implore communicate with outer světemnebo even in case space buoy - - atrue games inside games, but is better undetected too much. Adventure is taking sharp near - ox in the second half of games, when it change pace in pleasingly unhoped - for way.

A short allusion for music, that is not vain but frankly not particularly I was impressed. Voice act, on the other side, be good enough.

Lastly razor - edge is adventure which, especially at the beginning, could would bore you, but it restores to excellent second half. If end was little more dare I they will even more excited, but don't you know, perfection there is no.

Run setting.bat in DOSBOX before starting plaies for the first. Much sound files will processed so it can take a while. After that, play in due form will run in DOSBOX and you don't need use setting.bat already no.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Legend Entertainment Company


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