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Miner 2049er Reviews

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Miner 2049er originally be released in the year 1982 Big Five softvérem. Alpha version those games was prepared for Ataria and then that were converted to almost all possible to basis inclusive GameBoy.

In those play you play to Bob premium, fearless mine worker, who needs to examine 10 levels of pit. It looks like cushy number, but firstly - your time have one's limits, and secondly - there are some peculiar creatures there! Do not panic, everything it is possible.

How does inspection look? You need to strode on completely floors on every level. After you walk over it, it gets painted. When you paint all straight floor you automatically advance to next levels of. Nezapomeněte to watch, because if you fall from too high - you die.

Now, what about creatures? You can be promoted over is, but this is not everything. Your colleagues left some material underfoot. Every objectthat the you collect gives you time premium, and allows killing creatures for a definite period of time. When premium works creatures smile upon you (like they are not hard - headed), and their coloured changes.

How do you go more deeply, levels of is given tougher and more interesting thing it seems. Declines insert vertically you, and you need favour is - if there is monster underneath, you will be in for it. Abstracts on some levels leave you travel for either floor to the other. Try to ill - fitting into radioactive wastes - it is killing (and radioactive ;). There's a some next interesting material which can help you or put you in difficulty, but I give you chance to found it out alone.

Graphic art are handsome, and I find it amusing. Nothing more say, this play have more than 20 years. There is also some sound.

Operating controls be easy to to find out. Cursor arrows allow you move rightly, go away, up and down. Now tricky part: it took me some time to find leap button, for it is... Escape. To travel with abstractthat the you need to printed quantity floorsthat the you do you want go to the.

That is all about Miner 2049er. I really this way tricks, so I can't give that less than 4. I I hopethat the are will like it also.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Big Five Software


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