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Millenium - Return to Earth Reviews

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Millennium 2200 is veer based after- apocalyptical play set in solar system. People Earth be shot in collision meteor, and only handful people see the sun, have was spared death live on scientific bases on the moon and Mars. How commandant months founds, you must try to find way to hold your people alive and renew humanity into Earth as well as colonize planets and months solar system. In your way is commandant taint with base.

In Millennium 2200, you allot six pivotal region essential to development bases months: life support, energy, inquire into, mining, defences, and performance. Energy be necessary for others five region, at mining gives minerals used to producing by boat, technology, and defences. Life support advert to your basic population, and will add as though needed crew she'll get from hereon. Research and defence are self - explanatory.

Moon can only offer so much kinds material in so many quantities, so you must find additional source minerals else. This may be made sending Grazer - class by boat to asteroid kepp out at grass to scanned for and collect utilitarian minerals - or colonizing planets or their main month that contains you minerals. Later be more time - and resource - consuming, how do you need to construct base colony to sent to month or planet, and then send Carrack - class ship to new colony to hove minerals mined there and add them to Měsíci.

Before colonizing planet or month, you must first inquire into it have probe method will land at it and then ordering your scientists studies data and tell you whether it is worth colonizing. As soon as you in the end succeed in colonize planet or month, also you will have to send wattage generators and fighters, how colony cannot put out anything ourselves, and basic wattage generator they begin with will forbid them mine. Also, depending on atmosphere colony, colonist they may mutate into by other female former. Oxygen and empty atmospheres will not function changes, but Nitrogenic or sulphuric atmospheres will. Appearance your colonist be shown.

How before mentioned, people taint with hasn't like you, and they'll often send fighters to attack Moon and your colony. If did you constructed fighters your own, you can personally parry Martians. Combat continuity be too disillusion, and includethat the you shift reticule with your mouse over lonely 3D object and shooting it. These liabilities only withdraw from few seconds, and shooting one object somehow be enough, to destroyed all ambushers.

There is not very another into Millennium 2200 other than colonizing planets and months and caring except Martians. Only thing real scheduling needed in play is when start cosmic ship, how circulating tracks planets and months designating how long it is taking for ship to attained his object.

Graphic art isn't vain (although Jupiter green light for some reason), nevertheless sound effects be limited to special MIDI peep and drunken. There be no also music in play.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Paragon Software Corporation


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