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To je ukázat a kliknout dobrodružnou hru udělanou Pendulo Studios v roce 1994. Vy hrajete Igora, student ve škole. Vy zouf


MegaTraveller 2 - Quest for the Ancients Reviews

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He likes MegaTraveller: Zhodani gang - up, his continuation MegaTraveller 2: Search for old nations be based on excellent pen traveller- and- paper- hrající play role - or be more accurate, on his MegaTraveller version; creators traveller was actively engaged hereinto dva - ův development počítačovýchher, and it shows. A when I say "it shows", I mean it - anything from rich in detail conspiracy and manuals, through the world and foreignes encountering and to specific arms and tools, is taken from pens- and- paper games; this attention detail is one of play coaming, especially if did you (as I) fan pens- and- paper version traveller. Even if you have not heard anything about traveller before, you will relish these chicken.

Attention detail, nevertheless be both blessing and curse - MegaTraveller 2 be fairly complex play, and plane glass surface is somewhat ham - handed. I'd proposed you read handbook before edge, how so explains ins and outs games and do play long way easier, no mentions realitythat the long tail manuals come in handy to reading.

Character generation uses almost accurate copy MegaTraveller system, and be based on 4 - years contract conditions dějících during every beacon story. Much employment can be sampled from, as well as two works (people and dog Vargr), but in the end sign is measured her abilities no her path. Nevertheless, how character generation system also it is assumedthat the will used hereto, to generate characters for pen- and- paper play also. Much ability as though perhapsthat the would can choose or recieve during character generation are not used in play; fortunately, handbook includes skills that are used in play, and I'd advise you print it table from that. Also, several before - -generated characters are provided, some of them quite good (one even have alot money and good starship), so would you mind jump character generation continuity if you want.

Graphic art is great improvement from MegaTraveller 1, quite is good for 1991 (healthy- tažené 256- barevné art), and recapturing sensation universe traveller easily. Plane glass surface also improved, and now handle mouse, but is any more ham - handed. Interstellar years and fight was very much simplified, and be full of controlled smaller.

Main conspiracy includes search for foreign artifacts left by at the back old peoples race (who destroyed themselves in massive forming rolls 300,000 years ago) to could stop ancient place in the world Rhylanor from covering of the whole withtoxic mud planets. In addition, there are many subquestion, several of them behind world, ranging from retail possibility of and hunt premium solving crimes and inquiry flyaway men. Every world has several cities on that (would you mind travel foot, rent out vehicle - or catch age or train among cities), and most cities has active NPCS (coloured in green) nesting which could give you miniquests or counsel.

Together, as soon as you get over his complication abnd somewhat ham - handed plane glass surface, MegaTraveler 2: Search for old nations is outstanding play, rich in detail and conspiracythat the could hold you playing for many, much o'clock enjoyment.

Answers to play printing - down- protective questions be included in text file located in the main play ZIPNEBO in extras beat below play chicken.

Part MegaTraveller Series

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Paragon Software Corporation


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