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When it comes to Burger king fast refreshment has it mine way.If you take games, then Mcdonaldský making me ' saythat the I love it!of course, I am not will never show through Burger king branded PC games.

McDonald Land is Mario- styl, side- scrolling, platform play riddle, permission you free movement in both directions, no time times.You leap out of a tree tree, block to blocked, spring high heavenward and collect ' archs ' and ' play cards.collect enough to cards and you can walk up and down to the next areas.

To play which one would thought be destined to children, it is not as easy how I would have expected. I'd like thinkthat the I have got normal skills - no expert by any extension - vice your average player.I managed to get into second areas - ' Birdiin Birdhouse ' - but no without some weighing charge concentration.

Pivotal operating controls might be of small amount to to with it do.You control your baby with - ův' - ův Q and A' for upright movements, and ' O' and ' P' for horizontal movements. Free place be used for collection and put thing.

Graphic art are curly and pure for analysis, and they always look very good. Music is standard fare for platform play. Play play is simple enough, but variant of is added as are water areas, slippery ice, weight sensitive blocks, and next.

McDonald Land is comical games for whole family. Price it's good and there are 0 calorie.would like some chips with it?

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment


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