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Alone in the Dark je hororová akční adventura. Je to první díl této série od ne tolik známé firmy Infrogrames.


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"damned storm! When I'm decided to do this way I didn't know what I'm be set to oppose! A handsome sea cruise with handsome by boat and delightful women be something successful detective couldn't deny.But when whirlwind - ův Harry ' choppy about us, slowly I'm began be sorry my election. Squally nice to name wasn't fooling our captain over factthat the better would be withdraw from some canopy in nearest island. Oh well, I thought, small stopping on pictorial island would wasn't as though bad. But things continue getting worse! One of of other guests disappeared. Marie is such nice girl and now she shoo I can't get rid sensationthat the she not only didn't lose her way around here. Who could be interested in kidnap her? A why? How we have to wait until storm quietened, at all events, I'm about to search about and try to find lost servant. Why are such always things happens to me?"

These cogitations could would run through Jeromeem Langeovou thinks, detectivethat the you be set to impersonate in those play. In the year 1952, shipthat the he travel on have to dock on Maupiti Islandu - whereupon this adventure be named - plat in the middle of sea in French- Polynesia.This play be formed in the year 1990 from Lankhor, French developer crew who also made criminal adventurous ' Mortville Manor ' that the be done in similar fashion how this. Just like in ancestor of, did you Jeremy Lange (which be by way, what name play leadership designer :) and your imposition is to solved foreign criminal case.

At the same time, you will collection helps and proof of examining by other articles on island and talking with all people you encountering. You can choose among separate actions, that are listed in dropdown- menu in upside screens. These are culled into certain groups: movement, inventory, interaction and inquiry play. Menu also shows which object did you currently will hold back your hands. In addition, there's a lineation about placing, that you visit now, below which you can find list all the people, who are near and whom you can talks to. There's a detector moods, o'clock imagery time of day and date (which be fairly significant to you investigation) and, last but not least, field indicant subjects your interest.

Movement over island is pretty simple. Kinetic menu is imagery seats you can directly achieve from your current placing, but there is also option to clicked on cathode - raytube alone to she could have move into specific rooms or such. If other people be present in your placing, you can open out interactive cathode - raytube where portrait your appropriate duologue. Other than as though, there's a clump of by other action available to tamper your surrounding country or themselves. Search, looking at, withdraw from, read, feel, veer or pressure be but few of them. Time is play an important role, like I'm mentioned up. Sometimes it be but possible to do some things or speak to certain persons in specific definite time. Make surethat the search anything you will find and talk to anybody who be present; only then you will be able solve the case about Mariině disappearance.

Graphic art be too nicely done! They be right lady of colour, heterogeneous, rich in detail and always mounting atmospheres. You have to be conscious, though, that important objects are not enhanced least, so you must take your time to sought every placing for information and help. Plane glass surface word for word mystique with play setting. All action buttons are painted like clog and plane glass surface is made of bamboo so, that easily suits appearance games. It even turns his colours, odds, what do you in reality search or where did you.

Sound and music also isn't complain about. Conversation are emphasized with numerical speech, and although this technology she could have seem a little obsolete right now, yet I find it be too pleasant feature! Musical score it is advisable setting easily and is nice to listen, but unfortunately it is not much heterogeneous. Most of the time you will play at silences how there are no sound effects. To my mind, developers made much respectable work in creation attractive appearance for this play!

Unfortunately, also there are a few smaller points. Inventory is one of those. You can only carry stint objects, that basic in a way is realist, but in play of that kind it may be quite poisonous. In addition, working inventory is a little uncomfortable from time to time. In addition to this, during conversation much another chicken be rounded up, so that be liable to drop survey what did you informing of after you are spoke with a number of people. Make sure, you be written everything important details as though are you told by-or failing that you soon drop your course. Again, that is quite common for games this time, so simply you have to be patient. S conversations I'm noticedthat the all the people speaks same voice. I'm quite sure it is technical business, but despite it inclines procurable small holing. Other than as though I'd wish to seen some small animation in backgrounds, nothing magnificent, only a few moving thing only because of next display, instead of volunteered suppressor. In the end, there's a serious error about which I come to speak at the end those review.

Generally, I like this play much!One reason might bethat it%%= gets on with spirit his ancestor of - ův Mortville Manor', that were one of my favourite adventure back then when I play mine Amigaa - and ' Maupiti Island' is definitely improvement! It includes appetising criminal story - although it may if it were not for extremely innovative - namely really my darling graphic art and sequenced sound. Operating controls are logically built and play difficulty isn't too hard, even if you have to prove patient in some parts. In my view, Lankhor - ovo crew does whacking work and bring us outmost stand-by cost and amusing adventure, that stipulates much o'clock pleasant games, if you be willing to trade them for some petty problem.Mine rate for ' Maupiti Island ' is 4 and mine recommendation is: handle your reading - glass and your weapon, focalization your wits and you do nice - looking detective, surely able solve the case.

Play will ONLY works if you start it with MAUPITI.BAT

unfortunately, there's a flaw in play. When you will find documents or writings, as are paper and letters, you have to read is in placing where did you got is. Else you risk chill games/Dosbox. Somehow there's a flaw in inventory encoding. In addition, you have to start play straight from Dosbox alone. If you use D - Fend it can becomethat the cannot use mouse!

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Lankhor


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