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Marathon 2 - Durandal Reviews

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Extended trilogy, made now famous Bungie, were to be unique set plaies for multiple reasons. One of most obvious reasons were to be itthat the only extended play undid for Windows was Marathon 2, with Marathon 1 and extended infiniteness be done for only Apple Macintosh. In spite of mostly only beings available to small part market PC games, set spawn cult next that is of yet seconded today.

Play resemble destruction at thatthat the you kill everything, what moves and struck some cut - outs, although in Marathon, you have you got other people helping you (but you can only kilos is and steal their ammunition). In Marathon 2, nevertheless cannot always rely on coarse firing power, because there always be enemy bigger and stronger than you who, if you get poisonous, can press you down with some rackets or next female former big arms. Nevertheless, how opposed to destruction, where's relatively paucity enemies, Marathon 2 is replete weedy cannon - fodder and the, who will consider you cannon - fodder similar, and opening door to find empty room is rare rise, even on thelowest úrovníchpotíže. Arms ourselves are medley, with most of them being quite typical most FPSES, but all of them have specific purpose games (and some humourous names, such as SPNKR missile launcher). Dare I say it, play is better and faster than destruction. This was one of the first plaies to urgedthat the you reload your arms, and probably also one of the first have multiple burny modes for some arms and double- govern arms. Multiplayer play is also much frenzied, with arenas be small, ammunition- replete and, if you can find healthy- užívaný server, full players.

Graphic art, while no quite as far as standards time because of lack modelling using, are not half bad, and fancy style games suits both setting and rate of swelling games. Motor alone runs quite fast (probably because of said poverty of mock - ups) and it's good appropriate for big quantity Pfhor it swarm you. Lighting in motorthat the be based on sectors like building motor, is excellent, with some light flicker how they start and malfunction.

Only foot music in play is title music. Play alone hasn't no music, and as such, that can get a little undisturbed from time to time, although this be fixed by the help of surrounding sounds. Sound effects are failing that very good, with foreignes rigmarole away to each other while you sneak past and run- úderu is in the back of head, people shout taunts in their manslaughters or needed backup, and revolver melting procedure eradiation anelectrical roar - while you have you got overstretched shot departure invoiced.

But real high point those games is action. Marathon 2 takes place 17 year after newsmakers first extended games.You play to cyborg wrangler which fought Pfhor foreigner who attack UESC Marathon ship colony in first play which just livened from injection and, under control beyond control AI named ' Durandal ' , sent to upheld some of the formerMarathonposádky set free native planet one of Pfhor - ovo slavish races. Řéčený over computer terminal imagery report by different sources, story is most low - level story I have ever seen in prvním - shoot men.It is not simply - ův you be about, go shot departure some material ' action (with ones or by two important exception in certain levels). Purposes every levels of are quantified with politic consideration from Durandal, and effects your action will influence purposes to following levels (although do you really you do not have at choice respecting).Even using spared plaies be explained by using ' typical Buffers ' . I don't prepare ration out anything next than introduction here, because it'd destroyed best aspect those games. There are yet forums devoted doptávajícím and decipherment aspects action up to the present day, that is as though deep (see how much refer to numeral 7 you can find).

In a way, Marathon was spritual ancestor of halo, namely often was to well - founded among extended company which Marathon be in fact part universe halo, although Bungie denied it. Either way, graphic art off, extended trilogy, and Marathon 2 especially, easily them to a quality halo. Play be quick, explosive and offers call appeal for, sound is goodness in spite of poverty of land - gamete music and action is astonishing. This play easily will deserve 5.

To Marathon 2 labor under Vistou, handle dplay.dll from line up review and give it to in play directory. Thanks zirconia hereat.

You will demand CD key to run this. Handle ones from here.Keythat the you do you want is one marked ' M2 Full ' .

Sometimes it'll be refuse to played sound, credential as though you give that _smaller_ memory. Only correctionthat the I'm arbitrated therefor is restart your computer and retry.

Occasionally play quits with DirectX 2 slip - up. Only restart play.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Bungie Studios


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