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dobře, chlapi, tato hra přinese nám zpět přesně k začátku manažerského žánru her. Pro většinu hráčů, 1 - 0 manažer fotbalu je docela nezn


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This will probably be most out of focus review soever... Getting United - crazed fan to wrote review those games can only end one way, directly? Well...This play be based on fabulous ' 93 - 94 period English fore League championship. That is of, of course, year when Manchester United won both English league and FA cup over the same period. On that account " double" in name games. But Don't let hereof madman you, you can choose play to no team from the top 5 league English games. Also you can adapt some /of each of /of no team or player in league to adjusted your taste for. No as though it gets no better than to Keane, Giggs and Cantona though...

Statistical side if play is telling, how is politic. Both are pretty simple and single - minded, all the same leave about advanced managerial con about much. You pick formation, player, order transfer payments and of course amusing games.

Matches resemble what it look and feel like in will kick off 3 or even reasonable association football. Graphic art are ok but no more, sound in reality have any crowd noises and encomiums. If you listen closely you will hear: "joined, joined". No surprising perhaps but it does do matches more quick.

Operating controls during plaies come in handy to, but it be fairly hard to scored in your first peas. Continue going though and find outthat it%%= can be done, but you with difficulty get much "mad with" results against top - level members below the gangway. Head balls is a little foreign how field seem scamper 5 metres up in mid air, and have hill - side- čas which would make Michael Jordau jelous.

This was third in Krisalis set united plaies, it is also best in mine opinoin. No true classic but you can call on friend or have any stiff games at all events. Fight your alleyway most amiable, caps and league with your favourite team do they really merry making. A recommended download for anybody which relishs football match.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Krisalis Software Ltd.


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