Bandit Kings of Ancient China
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V roce 1989, jediný rok po KOEI narodil se, králové bandity starověké Číny udeřila trh a začal strategickou revoluci. Jeho rozhraní by se


Magic Pockets Reviews

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In Magic Pockets you control a little boy which has infinitely great pocket. He may throw all kinds of material from them, as well as collect anything inside.

There are 4 another sorts terrain. You start in zawns, where enemy are not much dangerous yet, but difficulty will heighten with by any level! Later, when you admission to jungle, lakes and mountains, that will, at the time, become almost impossible. Fortunately, play features codethat the will appear after you finish by any level and which you can come in any time of the play by pressing F2 key. This allows you to continue every straight full life, should you run them (you have you got 3).

Material which you throw from your pockets be used for attacking enemies and vary on every terrain type. In zawns, it looks like bilberries, while in the jungle his wave sugar which mystique after span. Since, what it melt into sweet water, in some seats of those can be used do herbage grow into tree. In lake his ice cube, and on the mountain his snow ball.

Differ aggressive techniques at your disposal. Standard one is put material from your pockets. You can do this simply by pressing aggressive key. If you print and hold attack- klíč, goal - directed enemy will caught up and you can destroy it by simply walking over. It leave sweets or toy at the backthat the brings you premiums articles. You can also in extenso charge your fist, and then jump over slack charge to be able to jump high and rotation. While you turn, you can destroy some /of each of /of no friend at once at the touch of it.

There are also some premiums arms which can be found, like laser helmetthat the allows you to fire away laser beam in your nepřátelíchnebo steel helmet, wearing which allows you to kill enemy walking over them.

Graphic art be too enough to, but sound isn't as though telling, only restricted to some hit and leap strains. Also music be only available in introduction and in main menu, while in play alone there's a no nothing. Because of this, I give play mark from 4.

Failing that, that is definitely merry making and addictive and you should try in casethat the you do you love Jump'n'Run games.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Bitmap Brothers, The


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