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Dangerous Dave 2: in the Haunted Mansion


John Carmack, yes that John Carmack what few years later issued Doom and Quake, issued also this play. Play for fellow on behalf of Dave to ktérému belongs to scattergun, as well as infallibility to Vaškovi Klausovi.

Vydávate into ghastly seat save his brother Delberta. In the way of you costs lot zombíků, who Vás kills its arm, when get closely into their proximity, further around the house run about hunched hag (brother saysthat it%%= is old man, but who knows?), shovelling after you knives, on near are but harmless, also you will madden with slime and spiders grasshopper from zěmě on ceiling and in correct moment up to you. To defence you will serve as I already zmíňil scattergun, but whoa, only with 8 shotshell, in addition loading also will occupy some valuable time - and very thing does play skěle playable.

even if to someone won't like as though play supports saving and lifes is not very, just hereat learn tread very careful, preventively spend every unexplored forge and chew over next progress. At the other side is but necessary admitthat the reparate one lion 10x where you every time slew just before toward the end of evidently much players will discourage and man chicken, try to lion "slip" (which him cannot succeed) and infuriatingly play will close.

Dave on mobile!

: 1991

: Softdisk



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