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Trugg je Dash - type hra balvanu kde vy hrajete robota (Trugg). Musíte sbírat všechny poklady na každé úrovni, ujistí se, že žádný oni an


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Trugg is Dash - type play cobble where you play to corvée (Trugg). You must collect all treasures on every level, makes surethat no they not even you be destroyed. Then, you must achieve door. You use cursor keys/joystick to stroll around or operate cut - outs.

Any square are edible. Eating is can clean roads for objects, that failing that be blocked squares. Treasures are demand for finish levels of, how door only open out when you collected them all. Arms be capable of demolition most objects, and like forcefields, can be off. Abstracts carry things up and down, unidirectional arrows are self - explanatory, and walls they may block you in or out. Guards walk around levels of (cementation left), and if they touch you, you die.

Play is split into another zone, that you can create or edit. Every zone includes some levels of, typically 20 of them. Zone are reside in .LVL, .FIN, .MAP and .NME files, that can be copied and distributed to.

You can play to some /by any /no level you do you want in straight editor, but as normal version allows you to run through door to won, you cannot will never in due form win in straight editor; you will eat door place that. Creators those games (Digital shopfloor) made 7 zone, with 117 levels in the aggregate. There has been next zone made as though I'm wasn't able find.

There are some defect in play, inclusive thatthat the allows Trugg eat guard, create door, and disappear, but I will leave it you work up how evoke this.

I evaluate this play 8/10, at addictive, creative, and has whacking potential how shareable play; also, for I ain't got played much DOS plaies, so I really lack anything equate to it .

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Digital Workshop


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