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Mine Bombers Reviews

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Do you remember Indianského Jonesanebo raider vault? (YEAH, Angelina Jolie :P ) well, then don't you know, treasure hunt there's no snap. And that is much more intricate if more locators treasures hunt same jewellery. It's case in mine Bombers, where did you one of them.

Mine Bombers is best head - to - head play I have ever seen among soon 386 - ovo games. I keep in mind playing those play on mine computer fist, 386DX with 4 Mbem RAM. I be called my friend over and we're played till then, than we're be shot from exhaustion. Mine Bombers is yet so much merry making to played. I'm experienced lump nostalgia when I'm launched MB.EXE again after 10 years. :)


first thing you will notice in title cathode - raytubethat the it is of record version games. Skitso Productions officially undid mine Bombers how of record freeware no long ago. Thank fellows!

You can play individual player levels of or you can contend until 4 your friend on same computer (there be no LAN or Internet play accessible). You start play by buying mining equipment and arms from funds provided. Then you can take on individual player levels of and hunting treasures at give wide berth or killing monsters, damned disconnect switch and digging through maze.

Multiplayer be the last straw to those games. You can contend friends and hunting treasures or mutually in gigantic, randomly generated arena. You you can change themselves on living excavator and get treasure before your opponent of does - or you you can state killing machine and angle for together - miners for their already pooled treasure. One way or another, you will have good time warranted. After veer ends, you can spend your hard leathered money to buy still better mining equipment or more killing arsenal, and finishs it in another veer.

Arsenal is gigantic. Over 25 things are on the table. Little bomb, big bombshells, C4 plastic puma, polyurethan bomb, nuke(!), napalm and much more. You can read description every arms in menu information desk games. Needless to say, you can break some nice - looking confusion with those children :D

you can proceed pit by using your arm and pick. You digging speed is intended number picks you have you got. You can heighten your digging speed by buying picks or power drill in business. The more you have you got, faster you will proceed pits. You will need as though rate of swelling when you go up get out of explosion nuke raies :D

play aim can be setting in options menu. Either player with most money or player with most wins take it everything. You you may set many other thing in options menu.

In addition, there's a straight editor attached to of record version. You can create your own levels of and share with friends.

Graphic art, sound and operating controls

graphic art are horrible. Cathode - raytube tile be overwhelming and play alone is very much workmanlike. But few people they will need glasses because things on screen are shortish to seen, even for to someone with good sight.

Music is absolutely horrible! Olli Attila, musician games called the genre "Postmodern Jazz" and He was given point there. A combination bebop, techno and rockies, unbelievably throws those play. I'm kept on listening to song in Winamp after I had a after neck games. Two thumbs up into Attilaa! Strains are cool also, but nothing impressive. Bomb explosion, death howl and monster moan. Not half bad.

Operating controls can be setting in options menu, but I DO NOT dissuade playing games with more than 2 field.

Technical problems and compatibility

I'm he saidthat the I dissuade playing games with more than 2 field. Don't you don't throw keyboard! A most systems cannot control more'n three at the same time buttons.

Final words

together, mine Bombers is best head - to - head action play from gold era. You will not have second tedium herewith play. You and your friend will have great time examiner blow mutually bits :D

download and relishs

play runs penalty with DosBox, but be confidentthat the set sound well. If your set data rate too high, play will slow down down to unworkable level.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Skitso Productions


Mine Bombers - download


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