Scrabble - Deluxe Edition
Scrabble - Deluxe Edition - náhled

Čmáranice je jeden z těch stolních her které mají několik desetiletí dlouhé tradice být hrané. To je podle mého mínění také jeden z příkl


Theme Hospital


Theme Hospital is creative strategy, in which sna?íte have what most successful hospital in town.

in detail subtle and amusing graphics processing suave humorous atmosphere of the whole games: except typical problems, before that is of capo hospital built (placing reception office, investigative, rooms, room for personnel or toilets, but also purchase seats, heating, automatic machine drinking and optional extras of course as well as employment doctors, sisters, maintenance man and skill of those less experienced), have to solve and treatment curious illness - invisibility, inflated heads, Elvisova complex or extra - terrestrial strings DNA. Quantity specialty stands us urges buy next and next building, on which it is necessary make money - from correct treatment, solving emergency situation, grants from ministry...

now into the bargain added natural catastrophe and burdensomeness crescendo in twelve levels and will get along you playthat the mustn't you pass.

: 1997

: Bullfrog Productions




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Přidal Angelo

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Tuhle hru jsem miloval ... nekdy ji musim znova rozbehat!
Tony 27.03.2010 reaguj
Tak jsem to rozjel...Hr?l jsem asi t?i hodiny a po??d m? to bavilo, akor?t chirugy jsem dlouho nem?l a tak kdy? p?ijela z?chranka, tak lidi chc?pali jak za mlada.