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Někteří z můžete uvažovat o duně 2 jak matka RTS her... do jisté míry, to jsou pravda. Ale ne v celo - tam byly RTS hry dávno před prvním


The Games: Winter Challenge


Roku 1991 coming - out play Games: Winter Challenge, that contains discipline congress, giant slalom, works frijoles, ski - jump, biathlon (inclusive target practice), ski long-distance ru and speed skating.

on side you can play to training or tournament (as far as 10 players on one computer). Mostly about victory decides who faster crumples Enter key, nevertheless is that a really entertainer.

if no will go start play, it is necessary first go into a place setup and click on OK, failing that play will fall and will appear hlá?ka about jakémsi debugger.

: 1991

: MindGames



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