Civilization - náhled

Civilization je tahová strategie vytvořena korporací Micropose na počátku 90. let 20. století.




Blood is really vyjímečná střílečka issued in second mid - 1990s society Monolith. She'll get you above all its authentic atmosphere and if no, so at least absorbing tale or motley coloured spectrum monsters...

.. - over common death, zombie and spiders are here but possibly and very much unpleasant běhající hack off limbs (if you catch, entails it certain death), dicephalous dog Cerberus or winged demons.

graphic art them to a then conditions sufficient, on the other hand sound distribution and music are absolutely fascinating. Is that a one’s aspects which espressivo highlighting quality games and etch in already and so rather horrible atmosphere. Behind allusion costs as well very much leading out lion designthat the you during wandering levelem and search keys surely not once will annoy.

on its time is concerned intriguing bit, who its gameplayí got a lot of players, who this talon like to play and today.

: 1997

: Monolith



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Přidal paddy

lakyfish 24.09.2010 reaguj
nejde mi to stahnout , muze nekdo poradit ? tuto klasiku jsem nehrall snad od 12.let ..
Angelo 26.09.2010
Díky za upozornění. Odkaz upraven.
El Diablo 21.03.2010 reaguj
Budu o tom pčemýšlet, bohužel jsem značně nedůsledný Něco solidního ze mne vypadne jen jednou za čas. :(
El Diablo 15.03.2010 reaguj
J? Blood to je klasika... :)