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WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game


This wrestling play is red gold!It is given 5 from 5 from me.

I hate really clowns! So there's no bigger pleasure for me than slosh DOINK! No much to say about those play really - as far as at itthat it%%= is horrible! Sound might be a little improved - especially marching in music fighters - but except from that...

You can choose among 8 fighters in either 1 or 2 player regimes. If 2 field are choice, you can kick the filth from mutually or build branded team (examination selection of even fighter - it is kinda merry making when there are three Yokozunas in same ring).

You can compete for intercontinental or heavy weight title - no wide difference really - as far as at itthat the in intercontinental you start militant 1 boy and be over by three opponent of for large finale. On heavy weight level you begin with by two opponent of and bury the hatchet battles royal.

But enough to about this - if you have any more questions read include file - it is hand/kinetic list. Now I have got some serious breakdown - paw - clasp - boinging do!!! Vychutnávejte play!

: 1995

: Sculptured Software, Inc


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